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Contact Telephone: 020 3993 8039
Investigator: Dr. Majid Kazmi haematologist
Study or Performing: Performing HSCT for MS


27 Tooley Street
London, United Kingdom SE1 2PR

Your consultant neurologist or GP should provide the following information:
Documented diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis by a neurologist with the date of the diagnosis.
A record of the ability to walk 20 metres without resting or needing, at most, bilateral assistance with two sticks or a rollator frame.
If you have relapsing MS, documentation to show that treatment with one of the high-efficacy disease modifying drugs has been unsuccessful.
If no high-efficacy DMT has been tried, the reason for moving directly to HSCT needs to be recorded.
MRI scans showing activity within the last 12 months compared to a comparative scan that was done in the previous two to three years. The radiology reports from both time frames should be included with the written referral.